Best of the Rest w/e 26 Jul 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 26 Jul 2013

We decided to delay the Best of the Rest till Saturday this week, just call us capricious...

Carl Trueman on having childlike faith in a childish world. Brilliant, challenging stuff.

Joe Carter on raising your children to be heroes like Temar Boggs. Great story, great application.

A super piece from Chris Wright in Christianity Today on learning to love Leviticus. Clear, timely & wise.

An outstanding “7 minute seminary” on OT violence from Prof Lawson Stone (parts One and Two).

“one of the most exciting trends in Christianity,” writes Gillan Scott, “is the Spirit of God drawing Christians together.” Amen.

What a post from Preston Sprinkle: “I fear that the whore of Babylon might not live across the pond.” Indeed.

Some deep-end apologetics from Edward Feser: There are nine types of “nothingness”, apparently. And God exists.

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