Best of the Rest w/e 26 Apr 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 26 Apr 2013

More of our top picks from around the web.

First, a couple of posts focussing on the anomalies of what our culture finds acceptable, through the prism of the Gosnell abortion case: a telling imagining of how Planned Parenthood might respond (if they were honest), by Trevin Wax, and a typically feisty response from, you’ve guessed it, Doug Wilson: “It’s like having laws saying you can shoot your mom in the kitchen but not the living room.”

Next, an ironically long, but very helpful, extended analogy about a shortcut. A useful addition to our thinking about how to tackle abortion, amongst other things.

Then, two posts on gender:
- If you’ve ever wondered how to explain what it is to be a boy and not a girl, read this. Poetic fire.
- A great challenge to complementarians, from Jen Wilkin. “Brothers, don’t permit us. Pursue us.”

Two random posts:
- David Bentley Hart on why Tolstoy is a greater writer than Dostoevsky. The first paragraph is particularly brilliant.
- Joe Carter on why the news makes us dumb. Typically thought-provoking, and slightly disturbing.

And just in case you missed it, here’s the link to Andrew’s recent debate with Rob Bell.

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