Best of the Rest w/e 25 Oct 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 25 Oct 2013

This will be the last BOTR for a while. Thanks for all your positive comments on the ones we've done up till now. The majority of articles each week have been spotted by Andrew and tweeted by him throughout the week, so to keep your stream of good things coming, why not follow him on twitter? You can also follow Matthew, Liam, Jennie, St Stuffed Shirt and, indeed, the blog itself. See you there.

Betsy Childs on why we should decriminalise contract killing. Smart stuff.

You think you’ve got problems? Here’s how one pastor in Nigeria responded when his home and church were burned down in the conflict. Sobering and compelling.

There’s a sword coming out of Preston Sprinkle’s mouth, and it’s headed for Mark Driscoll. Robust.

This is a helpful, and simultaneously uncomfortable, post about “wannabe Christian celebrities”, by Jared Moore. 

“Their young beautiful faces hidden beneath a veneer of the world’s lies.” A powerful article by Natalie Collins on slavery in some of its many different guises.

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