Best of the Rest w/e 22 Mar 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 22 Mar 2013

More of the best, most interesting or most thought-provoking resources we've spotted around the web during the past week.

David Brooks, in the New York Times, writes on two ways that movements recover: the Donatist way, or the Augustinian way.

The best review of Rob Bell’s new book I’ve found yet.

I was loving this article - warm, positive, generous - right up to the last paragraph. Now I’m spitting feathers!

If you’ve not read James K A Smith, you’re missing out. This interview will give you a good first taste.

Superb practical wisdom from Kevin DeYoung, on why leaders might not always want to comment on the latest theological debate.

Carl Trueman lectures brilliantly on Luther’s theology of preaching. All preachers would benefit from hearing this.

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