Best of the Rest w/e 22 Feb 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 22 Feb 2013

Here's this week's selection of some of the best, most interesting or most thought-provoking resources we've spotted around the web during the week.

First up this week is Kevin DeYoung on debt and discipleship. God may not expect you to pay him back; Mastercard & Visa do.
Anna Williams wrote at First Things last Friday on the myth of government neutrality in a pluralistic society. Good sense, well put.
In his increasingly apoplectic efforts to stamp out all vestiges of religious belief and behaviour wherever they may be found, Richard Dawkins is starting to look just a mite desperate. And not only to us faith-types. Atheists are beginning to see the cracks, too. Witness Douglas Murray writing in the Spectator recently. Douglas’ fellow atheists, he says, have a tendency to portray a religion-free future “as a wonderful sunlit upland, where reasonable people would make reasonable decisions in a reasonable world.” But, he counters, “Is it not at least equally likely that if you keep telling people that they lead meaningless lives in a meaningless universe you might just find yourself with — at best — a vacuous life and a hollow culture? My first exhibit in submission involves turning on a television.” It seems the tide of intolerance may be turning.
Another debate which inspires furious debate on either side is that of abortion. In this case, though one picture can silence a thousand self-justifying excuses, as John Piper put it.
And here’s Piper again, at his best, on the sadness and beauty of Paul’s final words. Very helpful for leaders.
Marc Cortez, at Everday Theology, ponders How Movies Teach Our Kids about Gender. He raises some interesting points, even if you don’t fully agree with all his conclusions. For me, the jury’s out on Disney Princesses, for a start…
Speaking of kids, Andrew’s wife, Rachel, speaks movingly and convictingly in this video on parenting kids with special needs - though her thoughts on spirituality, gratitude, perspective and church culture have a universal application.

And finally, following the conviction of Samuel Mullett for the Amish beard-chopping scandal, Out of Ur provides us with this essential guide to the Christian and facial hair - St Stuffed Shirt will be delighted!

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