Best of the Rest w/e 21 Jun 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 21 Jun 2013

Some of the top stories, posts and videos we've spotted around the web this week.

For evangelicals, “formed prayers, set liturgies, and anything else like this are generally perceived to be signs of spiritual insincerity. ...[In] much of contemporary worship, sincere individual expressions of praise have become the highest good and are held up as the most authentic forms of worship.” Interesting thoughts on the importance of liturgy and repetition in worship.

Kevin DeYoung disentangles some of the muddled things evangelicals say about sexuality, and Peter Wehner responds. An important discussion.

As if to confirm Matt’s thesis today, Baroness Stowell says “It is open to each couple to decide for themselves on the importance of fidelity within their own relationship”. So Same Sex Marriage isn’t helping to strengthen the institution of marriage as a whole after all. Who’d have guessed?

An extremely challenging piece in the New Statesman, on why an atheist found Alpha frustrating, exhausting and sad.

“A century after a civilisation loses its soul, it loses its freedom also.” A super piece in The Spectator.

“A dash of human rights law, a helping of secularism, and an almighty dollop of moral indignation” Nick Spencer writes scathingly on the new Girl Guide promise and related issues.

‘Generosity is transformational’. Inspiring:

And finally, today is the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). The nights start drawing in from tomorrow. But on the off-chance that summer will still appear at some point, here is Ben Reed with his suggestions for Six Easy Ways to Destroy Community This Summer

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