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Best of the Rest w/e 20 Sept 2013

Another week, another internet's-worth of articles sifted and sorted to bring you the very best. (OK, the very best that a small number of finite beings were able to spot in the time allotted.)

12 Years a Slave, the much-lauded new film by Steve McQueen, is about slavery in the US, but is also about ‘religion’ at its best and worst. “Christian history, both past and present, is a sobering reminder of our tendency to manipulate the scriptures in pursuit of personal or political goals,” writes Jonathan Merrit in this review. The film will be released this October in the US, and next January in the UK.

“If it doesn’t require courage and boldness to preach…it is not the gospel you are preaching.” A typically punchy piece from Doug Wilson.

On a similar theme, but in a rather different style, ““[O]ur preachers tell us the wrong story entirely, saying not a word about the dark side—no, that’s too weak—about the dark center of the gospel.” James Gilmore on Robert Farrar Capon.

‘How to spot a manipulative church leader’. A powerful and moving story, superbly written by Donald Miller.

Anyone interested in modern Catholicism should read this. Mark Noll, George Weigel & Evangelical Catholicism. Great.

On the subject of Catholicism:

“Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?” [aka Pope Francis]
“I am a sinner whom the Lord has looked upon.”

A wide-ranging, thoughtful and humble interview.

And finally, here’s Jared C Wilson with a series of beautiful statements about what it is like being friends with Jesus. Soul food, right there.

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