Best of the Rest w/e 19 Apr 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 19 Apr 2013

Your latest digest of articles we've seen and appreciated this week.

First, a nice article in The Spectator about the death of Dawkins-style atheism, and its more cautious, equivocal replacement.

Then, a not so nice - in fact a horrifying - but important piece from The Atlantic on the newsworthiness of the gruesome Gosnell trial.

Following neatly from that, the article Andrew described as his ‘Post of the day (& probably the month)’: Mike Bird asks, after same sex marriage, what next? And so what?

Not entirely unrelated is this from Tim Challies on how skim-reading, Keller, Starbucks and the ninth commandment are all connected.

And to close, an entirely unrelated post: a great reminder from Jeffrey Arthurs about the importance of preaching what the Biblical text actually says, or what “both the little a author and the big A Author—really intended for that passage.”

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