Best of the Rest w/e 17 May 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 17 May 2013

What has caught our eye around the web this week?

Steve Holmes gets it right: why, despite reports, child sponsorship is both ethical & effective. Well written, too.

Was Dallas Willard, who died last week, an open theist? Roger Olson says: he denied it, but in an important sense, yes.

Leithart shows what’s wrong with “family values”, and why. Challenging.

A love letter to a lesbian, from Jackie Hill. Praise God for writing, and lives, like this.

A bombastic and powerful piece on Gosnell and abortion from ‘Archbishop Cranmer’. Not for the faint hearted.

W W Jay-Z? Russell Moore considers the growing connection between Christianity and hip-hop.

“Revelation, not logic, must lie at the core of the Church message. You cannot pick and choose from revealed truth.” Said the gay atheist. (The original article is here, behind The Times’ paywall.)

Four reasons why it’s time we re-discovered the celebration of Pentecost.

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