Best of the Rest w/e 15 Mar 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 15 Mar 2013

More of the best, most interesting or most thought-provoking resources we've spotted around the web during the past week.

First, a little conversation that ranged across the web across the week:

Brian Lorrits wrote the first piece - a heartfelt reaction to Doug Wilson’s book Black and Tan: Essays and excursions on slavery, culture war, and Scripture in America. Then Doug wrote a typically penetrating response. And now Thabiti Anyabwile has weighed in. This could get interesting!


Scot McKnight gives some thoughtful reflections on what legalism is (and isn’t).

Karl Barth always denied he was a universalist, but said things that made it impossible to see how he wasn’t. Roger Olson brings some helpful clarity.

Trevin Wax reviews Rob Bell’s new book. The edited paragraph he suggests is particularly well-written.

Steve Holmes disagrees with Matthew Hosier’s understanding of the Trinity - perhaps a response will be forthcoming.

Paul Copan reviews Eric Seibert’s (rather Marcionite) take on violence in the Old Testament, with characteristic insight.

...and finally, we couldn’t go without at least acknowledging the election of the new Pope.

Carl Trueman offers some commentary:

RC authors often offer more penetrating insights into secular culture than their evangelical equivalents.  Comparing George Weigel to Rob Bell in such circumstances is akin to comparing Michelangelo to Thomas Kinkade.

Steve Alliston gives a timely reminder that by the grace of God, the New Covenant means no more waiting for God to speak only to a chosen few:

The world’s media is camped out in a damp St Peter’s square waiting for white smoke that tells us 115 select men have heard God speak on behalf of millions. These are moments of high drama and intrigue, but what if God intended that all of us could hear his voice and know his plans?

But if you think the drama of waiting for white smoke is fun anyway, check out the blow-by-blow updates from Wednesday’s Metro. Very funny.


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