Best of the Rest w/e 15 Feb 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 15 Feb 2013

We're trying out a new feature on the blog on Friday afternoons - a brief digest of some of the best, most interesting or most thought-provoking articles and videos we've spotted around the web during the week. We hope you'll find it useful, and maybe discover some gems along the way.

First up, it’s Russell Moore on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. Honouring and insightful.

Then Ben Witherington weighs in with some advice on how to choose a pope. Wise & impish. (His article, that is, not the next Pope.)

Back to Anglicanism (and atheism), here’s a great article by atheist Douglas Murray on why he sided with Rowan Williams in the recent debate against Dawkins.

In this video from Desiring God Tope Koleoso says: “I’m calling you to change the expression of Christianity around the world.”

And finally for this week, here’s an outstanding review of Tim Keller’s Center Church. Extremely insightful, and warmly written.

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