Believe Jesus: Blood image

Believe Jesus: Blood

Hebrews 9:11-28

Every worldview identifies particular problems as being the most significant for humanity. They also usually offer a solution to this problem. However, not all worldviews are equal, and some are definitely better than others!

The writer of Hebrews says,
1. The Problem is human separation from God because of sin
2. The Solution is the sacrificial death of Christ
3. The Offer is free access into the presence of God

The Problem
Verse 27 sums up the problem: “You will die, and you will be judged.” Hebrews 9 describes how the old covenant sought to bridge this problem through the sacrificial system that enabled the Israelites to come into God’s presence. The bloody sacrifices of the old covenant show us how serious the problem of sin is – that it really is a life and death problem. Sacrifice was a bright red declaration that a price had been paid for sin, and that sin was covered over so God would not bring judgment for it. Sin is such a serious problem that it has affected everything – it is a problem that runs deep and wide through everything, both the human heart and the cosmos. Because of it everything is out of whack!

The Solution
To right a wrong always costs someone, and, in the end, God has borne the cost of our sin. Sin is not an abstract idea but a real problem needing a real solution – God has provided the solution in the work of Christ! Christ’s sacrifice was not the passive sacrifice of an animal but active, willing, and self-giving. Through it we experience ‘eternal redemption’ (v12). Jesus said himself that, “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matt 20:28). The solution to our fundamental problem is redemption, made possible by the blood of Christ washing us clean.

The Offer
The offer that God makes to us is summed up in the word ‘appearing’ which appears in verses 11, 24, 26 & 28. Christ has appeared as high priest, the guarantee that his sacrifice was sufficient. Christ appeared in God’s presence for us, the guarantee that we will be with God, too. Christ appeared once for all, the guarantee that he can save us! Christ will appear again to save us, the guarantee that in him we will inherit the lot!  In Christ we are promised all that God is and has with all of God’s people for all eternity – what an offer!

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