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Bearded Muscovites

I don't know what it is about Federal Visionary, bearded Muscovites, but they don't half seem to write well. Here are two superb paragraphs, by way of example. The first is from Peter Leithart, explaining why (despite his empassioned speech on the Future of Protestantism, which is well worth fifteen minutes of your time) he will remain Presbyterian for the time being:

If I were to become Catholic or Orthodox, I would have to conclude that I have never participated in a full Eucharistic service. I would have to conclude that neither I nor my pastor friends have ever stood in loco Christi in the liturgy. I would go from a church where every baptized Christian is welcome at the Eucharist to a church that excludes hundreds of millions of validly baptized Christians, and I would never again share the Lord’s Supper with Protestant friends or family members. Becoming Catholic or Orthodox would, in my estimation, make me less catholic, not more.

And the second is from Doug Wilson, with one of the most enjoyable two sentences I have read in a long time:

I want to point out two things related to our society’s “evolution” on same sex mirage. The first is that — how shall I put it — the whole thing is being conducted with a certain measure of chutzpah, brass, gall, audacity, arrogance, presumptuousness, cheek, crust, effrontery, insouciance, nutmeg, and bay leaves.

How do they do that? It must be something in the water.


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