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Add hominin, ad hominem?

I did not attend last weeks Think conference on Genesis, engaged as I am in actual pastoral work with my flock – a task too important to take time off on 3-day long jollies masquerading as learning. Besides, my young disciple Wilson did not offer me sufficient remuneration to justify my absence from Ring of Bright Water, much as he desired my contribution to proceedings.

From the reports that have reached my ears, my contribution was not only desired, but necessary, as Wilson stumbled from conjecture to confusion without my guiding hand on the tiller. I heard the moment of greatest incredulity was his claim that Jacob’s placing of whittled sticks before the drinking troughs was an attempt to encourage the sheep to mate with the sticks, rather than one another. Anyone making a claim so lacking in knowledge of the basics of ovine behaviour clearly cannot be trusted with more weighty matters.

Even more incredible was Andrew’s suggestion that ‘hominins’ populated Australia at the time of the Flood. The general confusion that followed as to the difference between a hominin, hominid and hominem led (so my sources tell me) to the conference having to be abandoned in chaos – the current machinations of the Conservative and Labour leadership selection process being as nothing by comparison.

Given the kerfuffle, it would not surprise me if the Think-attendees called for Wilson to follow the fashionable path laid out by Cameron, Johnson, Hodgson et al. and tender his resignation with immediate effect, thus leaving some other poor soul to steer the ship through the theological storm into which Wilson has plunged us headlong.

But let us not be so hasty! Instead, we should extend grace to our befuddled brother.

To that end, I will be hosting a conference, designed to correct and rehabilitate poor Wilson. Re-Thinking Think: What Andrew Really Meant to Say about Genesis will take place later this month. This time I will teach the majority of the material and we shall leave the sheep-sex-education to someone far more qualified. I’m thinking Hosier?

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