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A Small Announcement

This Sunday evening at 6.30, we have a new TV show starting. (There. I said it.) THINK started as a blog, then we added a conference, and now there's a TV show. Next stop, space travel.

It’s called, in a wonderful display of integrated branding (or a total lack of imagination, depending on your perspective), “Think”, and it’s going out on TBN UK. TBN is channel 65 on Freeview, and 582 on Sky, which means it’s in my sitting room without my having asked for it; in August the channel was watched by 2.4 million viewers, all in, which is not to be sniffed at. The first four episodes, which I filmed recently, are apologetics-ish, tackling some of the biggest objections to Christian belief:

- How Could Any Thinking Person Choose God Over Science?
- Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?
- How Could A Loving God Possibly Allow So Much Suffering?
- Why Answering Objections Isn’t Enough

I’ve been given a fair bit of editorial freedom by the producers, so I’m currently thinking through ideas for possible shows, topics, discussions and messages. If you have any good ideas, I’m all ears via @thinktheology or @AJWTheology on Twitter.

And if you’re free on Sunday evening, tune in!

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