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A Quick Response to Pete Enns

So Pete Enns wrote a book, called The Bible Tells Me So. Then I reviewed it for Christianity Today. Then a couple of days ago, Pete Enns reviewed my review. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have since asked me to review his review of my review of his book. All clear so far?

Well: I’m not going to do that. Of the making of many reviews, there is no end; they can escalate, multiplying areas of disagreement and confusion, and wind up a colossal exercise in missing the point. They also take an enormous amount of time, which I don’t have. So instead, I’m just going to highlight a few tweets I sent out yesterday on the subject, which attempt to boil down the things Pete Enns and I disagree about into five areas, and which hopefully make things simpler for people who (a) aren’t on Twitter, or (b) like things nice and neat and tidy. Thus:

Grateful to Pete Enns for his engagement with my @CTmagazine review. To keep it brief, I’ll respond to his 5 key criticisms in 5 tweets.

1. On the Passover “contradiction”, see this roasting by @BrianGMattson (sorry for the pun).
2. On the number of gods: read p151 to find the confusion (& note the chapter title). On gods/idols, here’s CJH Wright.
3. On animal carcasses: do a study on “he shall bear his iniquity”, then read Lev 17:15-16, then read Enns, and see what you think.
4. On Jesus’ view of Scripture, & especially the violent texts, either read #Unbreakable, or the Jesus tea-strainer.
5. On scaremongering and damning by association with Rob Bell: it wasn’t my idea. Here’s the inside jacket.

On everything else, including those Rhetorical Strategies and so on, look out for the Mere Fidelity podcast (link to follow).

Hopefully that’s saved everyone a lot of time ...

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