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A Christian Perspective on Mental Health


Today is World Mental Health Day. This year the day may feel particularly relevant. We're all aware that mental health problems are a significant and growing issue in the world around us, and that was all true before coronavirus hit. Now there is increasing evidence emerging that the pandemic and our experience of lockdown measures are aggravating this growing problem. This is a moment where we need to talk about mental health.

And this is true for Christians too. As Christians and churches we have not always done well at talking about mental health, in fact, we’ve often just not talked about it at all. But of course, we as Christians can struggle with our mental health just as much as anyone else, and many of us will be finding that coronavirus is having an impact on this area of our lives.

I recently had the chance to give a short introduction to a Christian perspective on mental and emotional health. Drawing on my own experiences, biblical wisdom, and reflections from several years of thinking about the topic, I sought to provide something of a framework within which for us to engage with this complex topic. My hope and prayer is that it might be a help both to those of us who experience our own mental health struggles and to those who walk alongside us.

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