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A Book to Read and Give Away

The questions non-believers ask of Christianity tend to be predictable and repeated: what about suffering? what about science? what about sex? The way in which those questions are framed, however, morph with the cultural context from which they are asked, and this means books answering them can quickly feel out of date.

Step forward Rebecca McLaughlin and her book Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion.

McLaughlin ticks all the boxes for an author of a book on apologetics in our cultural moment: She is super-bright, with a PhD from Cambridge, and she is a she. She also happens to be a she who is same-sex attracted. This intersectionality means McLaughlin can discuss questions such as, ‘Doesn’t Christianity Denigrate Women?’ and ‘Doesn’t Christianity Crush Diversity?’ with an authenticity that probably communicates more effectively than similar answers provided by a middle-aged, male, pastor.

We’re going to be using this book as a conversation starter at our next exploring Christianity course at my church. If you’ve got the kind of friends who you might once have passed a copy of Mere Christianity or The Reason for God to but feel these don’t quite cut it culturally anymore, then Confronting Christianity could be for you - and for them. Buy it, and pass it on.

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