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A Book on Sex You Should All Read

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more helpful book on sexual ethics than Sex Talks by our very own Matt Hosier. You should all read it. And then you should give it to your teenage children, so they can read it as well.

Sex Talks began life as a series of seminars at Newday, the Newfrontiers event for 12-19 year olds, so the heart of the book is pitched at teenagers. The first half tackles all the subjects you’d expect in a book on sex aimed at contemporary young people, and does so with appropriate bluntness, great wisdom, catchy chapter titles from pop culture (‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’), and an impishly humorous writing style. It’s the sort of book I wish had been available when I was fifteen; whether or not my parents would have been too middle class to give it to me is another matter!
But the real power of Sex Talks, and the reason I’m reviewing it here rather than on the Newday website, is the remarkable second half of the book. It takes the form of a massive Q&A, with every conceivable question being raised, and without exception answered well, wittily and wisely. But the questions are not just those of the very blunt teenager (‘Is anal sex OK within marriage?’, or ‘Is it wrong to date a lesbian while she is dating another girl?’), but also those which come up all the time in pastoral ministry and to which, if we’re honest, we all wish we had better answers. Some are painfully personal (‘In the eyes of God, are rape victims still virgins?’), and some helpfully confrontational (‘What would your response be to a married couple who use pornography?’) Many are, if anything, more applicable to pastors than teenagers (‘How does a Christian cope with being accused of homophobia if they take a biblical stance on homosexuality?’, or ‘What about gay churches?’) Matt also puts his years of experience in teaching ethics to good use, giving a carefully considered perspective on many tricky sexual ethical questions – IVF, gay adoption, and so on – which all of us will encounter sooner or later. You may not agree with everything he says, but you will hugely benefit from the experience of working out why.
And if you’re still not convinced you should read this book, then I can only assume that people in your community don’t think sex is that big a deal. Anyone? Didn’t think so …
You can get hold of the book here.

Andrew’s next book, If God Then What? Wondering Aloud about Truth, Origins and Redemption, will be released in April, published by IVP.

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