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2 Reasons Why it Won’t be Hillary in 2016

Andrew made an unexpected detour into political pollstering the other day, offering 12 reasons why he thinks Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the US in 2016.

I, for one, was surprised by this apparent attempt to get picked up as an op-ed writer for The Guardian. ‘Less opinion, more theology, Mr Wilson’ was the response from this holt! However, I am always generous in pointing out Andrew’s theological short comings, and feel it would be an egregious oversight for me to overlook his political failings. So, a gentle steer for my young associate towards a more rational perspective, by one with somewhat greyer whiskers.
Here are two reasons why he is wrong:
1. The smart money is very often placed on the wrong otter. Five years ago the smart money was pretty much all riding on Clinton winning the Democratic nomination ahead of Obama. ‘nuff said.

2. Her age. In 2016 Clinton will be 69, and while our American cousins may like to think they are neither ageist nor sexist it is most improbable that they will elect an elderly lady as Commander in Chief. 
Andrew, you can thank me now, or wait until 2016.

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