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  • Tribute: Arnold Bell image

    Tribute: Arnold Bell

    For every one of us there are usually a small number of people who profoundly impact our lives affecting what we believe and how we behave. One of my ‘small number’... Read more
  • Should Tongues be Abolished? image

    Should Tongues be Abolished?

    A brief look at 1 Corinthians 14:21-25.

    Firstly, we should remind ourselves that spiritual gifts are given to the ‘the body of Christ’ for the building up of the...
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  • The Sidelining of Spiritual Gifts? image

    The Sidelining of Spiritual Gifts?

    In an increasing number of charismatic churches in the UK there appears to be a move away from encouraging the use of spiritual gifts (especially tongues) in public... Read more
  • Dividing Small Groups is a Dumb Idea! image

    Dividing Small Groups is a Dumb Idea!

    So writes Larry Osborne in his book Sticky Church. And Larry is worth listening to as he has led North Coast Church, San Diego County for 20 years and seen it grow from... Read more
  • Of Course Faith & Politics mix. Duh! image

    Of Course Faith & Politics mix. Duh!

    Paul Bickley from Theos recently wrote an excellent article titled ‘Beware the religious right red-herring’ where he argues that it is the democratic right of... Read more
  • I wouldn’t start from here…

    I’m sure most will have heard the joke about the man who asked directions to a particular place and was told ‘If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here.’... Read more
  • Interpretation, Preaching and the Olympic Logo image

    Interpretation, Preaching and the Olympic Logo

    A couple of days ago the Iranian Olympic Committee lodged a protest claiming that the 2012 London Olympic Games logo conceals the word ‘Zion’ and is therefore racist... Read more
  • Repentance: A God-oriented Life image

    Repentance: A God-oriented Life

    Repentance is not primarily a change in behaviour. (... bear with me for a moment!) Repentance is certainly connected to behaviour but there is a danger that we... Read more
  • The Drama of Doctrine: Review

    Having recently read Kevin Vanhoozer’s The Drama of Doctrine I thought I would post a brief outline and comment. I hope you find it helpful! Read more