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  • Over My Dead Body image

    Over My Dead Body

    With everything else that has gone on this year a highly significant change to ownership of our bodies slipped onto the statute books barely noticed. Read more
  • A Pastor’s Lockdown Dilemma image

    A Pastor’s Lockdown Dilemma

    There is growing disquiet about the fact that Christians in England and Wales are once more unable to gather in worship. How should church leaders respond? We’ve seen... Read more
  • You’ve probably already seen this… image

    You’ve probably already seen this…

    ....but in case you haven't, just leaving it here. Read more
  • If Only image

    If Only

    It’s always exciting when a Think author has a book published and I am especially pleased that Jennie’s If Only is about to hit the shelves. Read more
  • Letting Injustice Rip image

    Letting Injustice Rip

    “We may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.” That is the stark warning from World Health... Read more
  • Why Bother? image

    Why Bother?

    Everything feels harder at the moment. Everything takes more energy and effort. Masks, track and trace, hand sanitising, etc. etc. All of it adds time and hassle to life... Read more
  • Who Are the Vulnerable? image

    Who Are the Vulnerable?

    Everyone wants to protect the vulnerable. Lockdown sceptics want the healthy to get the virus to build up herd immunity while shielding the vulnerable from infection.... Read more
  • We’ve been here before: Lessons from 1957 & 68 image

    We’ve been here before: Lessons from 1957 & 68

    "Why were things so different back then? Was it because we had no ­fear-reinforcing 24/7 cable news, no Twitter, and no incessant and instant case-and-death tickers on... Read more
  • Pandemic Responses image

    Pandemic Responses

    Why have we responded to covid in a way quite different than has been the case with previous pandemics? Is it because of science: that we now know more about how viruses... Read more
  • Praying…Through Gritted Teeth image

    Praying…Through Gritted Teeth

    Leading people is difficult. Read more