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  • Woke Gospel image

    Woke Gospel

    Even in Europe the trace elements of Christianity continued to infuse people’s morals and presumptions so utterly that many failed even to detect their presence. Like... Read more
  • From ‘World in Union’ to ‘Every Man for Himself’ image

    From ‘World in Union’ to ‘Every Man for Himself’

    Any lockdown bonanza seems to have well and truly disappeared. Rather than the pleasures of traffic free roads and increased neighbourliness the human race has reverted... Read more
  • Corona Conflicts image

    Corona Conflicts

    Are you a lockdown sceptic or a social distancing maximiser? The longer the corona-crisis goes on the more tensions mount between those who want to move on and others... Read more
  • Corona Questions image

    Corona Questions

    There are three questions I keep asking myself, my team and other pastors as we try and plot our way through the corona-crisis: 1. How are you feeling about what you are... Read more
  • Lockdown & Singleness image

    Lockdown & Singleness

    How are you doing with lockdown? Some are loving it, others loathing it, but it is a particular challenge for those who are on their own. Jennie Pollock an I sat down to... Read more
  • “There MUST be a way” for churches to help care homes image

    “There MUST be a way” for churches to help care homes

    This is a guest post from Gemma Gillard, founder of Truth Be Told, an intergenerational project committed to bringing joy and life as 0-4’s, their parents and... Read more
  • Should we theologize about Covid-19? image

    Should we theologize about Covid-19?

    Over the past few weeks the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a lot of theologizing. It seems that there’s no shortage of believers eager to share their take on the... Read more
  • Corona Blues image

    Corona Blues

    Ennui, irritation, lack of self-confidence, anger, feeling stupid and irrelevant, always busy but nothing to do… A description of the typical teenager? Perhaps, but... Read more
  • Corona & Creativity image

    Corona & Creativity

    One of the upsides of lockdown is that it has stimulated creative thinking and action: decorating, gardening, baking, tinkering, crafting... There's a lot of it going on. Read more
  • More Cameras (perhaps), More Lights (probably), More Action (definitely!) image

    More Cameras (perhaps), More Lights (probably), More Action...

    Glen Scrivener's tips on how to shoot to camera have been helpful to me as we are having to do more things online at the moment. Now PJ Smyth has put together two short... Read more