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  • Scripture, Science, and the Enigma of Man image

    Scripture, Science, and the Enigma of Man

    Here's a beautiful, pithy, summary of how Scripture explains anthropology in a way science cannot. Read more
  • Thus Spake Pastor Lockdown image

    Thus Spake Pastor Lockdown

    Jonny ('Pastor Lockdown') Mellor’s post yesterday was terrific. It is always good to look for and celebrate the positive, and like him I have many encouraging stories... Read more
  • A Very Curious Thing image

    A Very Curious Thing

    Reports of the impact of lockdown on the mental health of children and young people abound; but our societal attitudes towards children are strangely ambivalent with or... Read more
  • Pastoral Pressures image

    Pastoral Pressures

    Pastor, have you been planning your escape route? Read more
  • Concluding Corona Comments image

    Concluding Corona Comments

    Inevitably, a lot of posts on Think this year have been connected to Covid-19 and it seems certain that 2021, at least at first, will also be dominated by the... Read more
  • This Side of History. Right. image

    This Side of History. Right.

    How is it that the statement, “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body,” has become coherent and meaningful? This is the question that opens and frames Carl... Read more
  • A Parable image

    A Parable

    Twenty years ago, on a trip to South Africa, I picked up a copy of Noel Mostert’s ‘Frontiers’. This tells the tragic story of the ‘kaffir wars’ in which first... Read more
  • Sprained or Broken image

    Sprained or Broken

    Out for a run in the woods the other day Grace tripped over a root hidden in leaves and fell. Read more
  • Over My Dead Body image

    Over My Dead Body

    With everything else that has gone on this year a highly significant change to ownership of our bodies slipped onto the statute books barely noticed. Read more
  • A Pastor’s Lockdown Dilemma image

    A Pastor’s Lockdown Dilemma

    There is growing disquiet about the fact that Christians in England and Wales are once more unable to gather in worship. How should church leaders respond? We’ve seen... Read more