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  • What You’ve Been Reading on Think image

    What You’ve Been Reading on Think

    In those days Google Analytics issued a report of all that had been read on Think in the entire year. (This was the eighth such report that took place while Pollock,... Read more
  • Turtles, Poppies and Jesus Only image

    Turtles, Poppies and Jesus Only

    Has any domestic object ever gone from unobserved ubiquity to mass condemnation so quickly as the disposable plastic straw? Plastic is the enemy. We’ve all seen the... Read more
  • The Identity Merry Go Round image

    The Identity Merry Go Round

    The news that Emile Ratelband, a Dutch ‘media personality’, is pursuing a court case to change his legal age to 49 from his biological age of 69 is amusing. Read more
  • Living by the Mountain image

    Living by the Mountain

    'Africa’s coastline? Great beaches, really, really lovely beaches, but terrible natural harbours. Rivers? Amazing rivers, but most of them are rubbish for actually... Read more
  • Safeguarding the Psalms image

    Safeguarding the Psalms

    “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” Amen. And now our children will go to their activities for the morning. Read more
  • Once More Into the Breach image

    Once More Into the Breach

    The more gender equality in a country, the greater the difference in the way men and women think. It could be called the patriarchy paradox.
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  • The Quietus is Here image

    The Quietus is Here

    In P.D. James’ brilliant and chilling novel, The Children of Men, the elderly and infirm, a burden on a dying society, are forced to take part in a ‘quietus’ – a... Read more
  • Surrogacy Sucks image

    Surrogacy Sucks

    Surrogacy is sold as a beautiful thing - a gift by which a woman enables other people to have the longed for child they cannot conceive or carry themselves. But this is... Read more
  • Woke Ideology & Biological Reality image

    Woke Ideology & Biological Reality

    Currently top of Challies ‘Most Popular’ sidebar is a post entitled, ‘The Sexual Revolution Hits Another Speed Bump.’ It’s about a study in the Journal of... Read more
  • It’s been a while since we Petersoned image

    It’s been a while since we Petersoned

    Having posted all the videos from the Think conference on Complementarity this feels like the right moment to inject a little Peterson into proceedings. It's been ever... Read more