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  • Andrew, Roger, Sam & Wendell image

    Andrew, Roger, Sam & Wendell

    That as he approaches the significant point of turning 40 Andrew should be developing a more mature political philosophy is reassuring – perhaps all my efforts have... Read more
  • Who’s Converting Who? image

    Who’s Converting Who?

    The Government's announcement that it intends to ban 'gay-conversion therapy' has won plaudits. But whether it is a move that will really help people or is rather merely... Read more
  • Surrogacy: Equality or Complementarity? image

    Surrogacy: Equality or Complementarity?

    With Andrew’s conference on Complementarity beginning today, this – from a lesbian and a gay man – seems especially relevant. Surrogacy raises many issues about... Read more
  • Today in Parliament image

    Today in Parliament

    To those who are pro-choice restricting abortion rights is incomprehensible – an attack on the fundamental rights of women. For those of us who are pro-life it is... Read more
  • Weddings Redux image

    Weddings Redux

    OK, a couple of weeks on and the dust has settled. I've barely been on social media the past few months so when I posted on the Royal Wedding was unaware of the minor... Read more
  • Curry’s on Fire! image

    Curry’s on Fire!

    Whether or not you watched the wedding of Harry and Meghan on Saturday you will surely have heard about the preaching of Michael Curry. While we’ve expressed much... Read more
  • Weddings Royal image

    Weddings Royal

    The wedding tomorrow of Harry & Meghan provokes many reactions – curmudgeonly comments from the more republican, excited gushings from the more royalist. The narrative... Read more
  • Not Pinker, but Brighter image

    Not Pinker, but Brighter

    There seems to be a sudden surge of optimism in what is so often a depressing world. Stephen Pinker has told us how everything is getting better, thanks to the... Read more
  • The Meaning of Easter image

    The Meaning of Easter

    Like Andrew (fear not – he returns next week) I have been greatly enriched by reading Fleming Rutledge’s The Crucifixion. Our Good Friday service this year is based... Read more
  • The Mary Magdalene Movie image

    The Mary Magdalene Movie

    I always approach movies based on Bible stories with some trepidation. Being highly invested in the truth of the Bible tends to create a certain defensiveness – it... Read more