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  • Looking Death in the Face image

    Looking Death in the Face

    I have a friend whose family likes to indulge in a slightly sick joke. Wherever and whenever they can they interject the phrase, ‘Death comes to us all.’ The more... Read more
  • To Meet or Not to Meet image

    To Meet or Not to Meet

    As lockdown restrictions ease churches are having to make decisions about how and when they begin physical gatherings. This is surprisingly complicated and contentious. Read more
  • Unseen image


    How often does the Bible record accounts of the blind receiving their sight? Read more
  • Well, That Didn’t Last Long image

    Well, That Didn’t Last Long

    It’s been a difficult week in my town (and I’m not even talking about the football). We led the news headlines yesterday and again this morning after half a million... Read more
  • End the Lockdown image

    End the Lockdown

    End the lockdown, period? Well that’s what University of Oxford epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta is advising, but that’s not the lockdown I have in my sights. No, my... Read more
  • Woke Gospel image

    Woke Gospel

    Even in Europe the trace elements of Christianity continued to infuse people’s morals and presumptions so utterly that many failed even to detect their presence. Like... Read more
  • From ‘World in Union’ to ‘Every Man for Himself’ image

    From ‘World in Union’ to ‘Every Man for Himself’

    Any lockdown bonanza seems to have well and truly disappeared. Rather than the pleasures of traffic free roads and increased neighbourliness the human race has reverted... Read more
  • Corona Conflicts image

    Corona Conflicts

    Are you a lockdown sceptic or a social distancing maximiser? The longer the corona-crisis goes on the more tensions mount between those who want to move on and others... Read more
  • Corona Questions image

    Corona Questions

    There are three questions I keep asking myself, my team and other pastors as we try and plot our way through the corona-crisis: 1. How are you feeling about what you are... Read more
  • Lockdown & Singleness image

    Lockdown & Singleness

    How are you doing with lockdown? Some are loving it, others loathing it, but it is a particular challenge for those who are on their own. Jennie Pollock an I sat down to... Read more