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  • Swearing, Murder and Sex image

    Swearing, Murder and Sex

    Culture is meant to change slowly. ‘Culture’ is a way of seeing and being that goes largely unspoken and unobserved because it is normal, and societies tend to... Read more
  • Why I Won’t Be Doing Dry January image

    Why I Won’t Be Doing Dry January

    I was searching for a quote and came across it in a post I'd written back in 2011. As January is such a dreary month I thought it worth reposting, if only as a reminder... Read more
  • Capturing Andrew image

    Capturing Andrew

    As part of a planned online theological training resource we are going to be filming Andrew Wilson delivering his biblical theology course, working all the way from... Read more
  • Wilson on 1 Corinthians image

    Wilson on 1 Corinthians

    OK, if you have to buy your own copy eighty quid might seem a bit steep – as well as underlining the somewhat mysterious world of academic monographs in an age of... Read more
  • Remember Who You Are image

    Remember Who You Are

    Do you care what colour your passport is? Read more
  • A Short Book Worth Reading image

    A Short Book Worth Reading

    It would be hard to overstate the significance of Christian biography in the spiritual development of believers – certainly, that’s been true in my case. Reading... Read more
  • Seven Years of Think image

    Seven Years of Think

    It’s that time of year when there a lot of reviews of the year. Looking at the 2017 stats for Think reveals some interesting information: there are few surprises about... Read more
  • Gardening with Luther image

    Gardening with Luther

    To Wittenberg, and a hot date with a plate of sausages and a mug of beer. Read more
  • The End of Tyranny image

    The End of Tyranny

    In what was perhaps the pithiest statement of the week veteran Zimbabwean campaigner David Colthart observed, “We have removed a tyrant but not yet a tyranny.” Read more
  • Dear Phillip image

    Dear Phillip

    Maths teacher Joshua Sutcliffe has been suspended from his school during an investigation into him misgendering a pupil. Sutcliffe was interviewed by Phillip Schofield... Read more