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  • Stick to the Facts image

    Stick to the Facts

    In the extraordinarily fast-moving story of the normalisation of transgenderism it has been noteworthy how intelligent, influential and powerful people have been too... Read more
  • Lift Something image

    Lift Something

    For as long as I can remember I have had constant back pain. The different medical investigations I have undergone and therapies I have tried – from chiropractors... Read more
  • Firestarter image


    Disturbing, threatening – and watching it again now, somewhat comic – the Firestarter video represents a seminal cultural moment. Read more
  • Gratuitous Beauty image

    Gratuitous Beauty

    Why is there so much beauty in the world? I mean, it can almost seem gratuitous at times. Sure, there is a lot of ugliness too, generally caused by the careless or... Read more
  • The Strange Case of Dr Evil image

    The Strange Case of Dr Evil

    When is a piercing adornment, when disfigurement? What about a tattoo? What about body modification? How about if someone has body dysmorphia – should they be able to... Read more
  • If you don’t like the result of the vote, keep having votes until you get the result you want image

    If you don’t like the result of the vote, keep having...

    And if you still don't get the result you want, change the rules governing the vote. Read more
  • Bibi & Blasphemy image

    Bibi & Blasphemy

    The case of Asia Bibi, kept in solitary confinement for nine years on trumped up charges of blasphemy, has thrown Pakistan into turmoil and garnered headlines around the... Read more
  • Is having a child a right? image

    Is having a child a right?

    Is having a baby that results from a loving relationship the same as having a baby being created via a business transaction? Read more
  • Sunshine for the Soul image

    Sunshine for the Soul

    This is the exchange which out of his measureless goodness he has made with us: that, receiving our poverty unto himself he has transferred his wealth to us; that taking... Read more
  • On Earth As In Heaven image

    On Earth As In Heaven

    Fifty years ago today an event happened that changed our view of the world forever. Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders were blasted into space on the Apollo 8... Read more