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  • Broken for Blessing: a Book for Ordinary People in Ordinary Churches image

    Broken for Blessing: a Book for Ordinary People in Ordinary...

    My friend Alan Frow has written a book that anyone with some kind of leadership position in any church of 200+ people should read. First, a paragraph I wrote about it,... Read more
  • Righteous Pride image

    Righteous Pride

    What should you do if your employer asks you to wear the Pride flag while at work? What should you do if your children’s school has a diversity week that seems less... Read more
  • MPs Missing the Wood for the Trees image

    MPs Missing the Wood for the Trees

    I've posted on Think a few times about the dangers of shifting societal attitudes towards euthanasia. Last week the House of Commons debated assisted dying - and the... Read more
  • A Year of Digital Detox image

    A Year of Digital Detox

    The Church of England has recently launched a ‘Digital Charter’ aimed at encouraging users of social media to play nice. I’m sure it will make a big difference.... Read more
  • A Sacrifice of Praise image

    A Sacrifice of Praise

    Ever get to Leviticus in your Bible reading and let out a – at least internal – groan? It can feel very hard work: all that stuff about sacrifice and all that stuff... Read more
  • Competence of Character image

    Competence of Character

    Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent... Read more
  • Generation to Generation image

    Generation to Generation

    The apostle Peter writes to the churches describing them as, God’s elect, exiles, scattered (1 Peter 1:1). The people of God have been chosen by God to be scattered... Read more
  • Plastic Righteousness image

    Plastic Righteousness

    On Monday evening I put our carefully sorted recycling out for collection, came back in, put on the TV and found myself watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest... Read more
  • Where Have All the Atheists Gone? image

    Where Have All the Atheists Gone?

    You’ve got to feel sorry for atheists. They are such a beleaguered minority, and it is such a difficult position to hold with consistency. Read more
  • Basic Instincts, Changing Habits image

    Basic Instincts, Changing Habits

    One of the characteristics of our era is to judge the past by the standards of the present: this has been especially the case in the verdicts – legal and social –... Read more