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  • Parables of Patronage image

    Parables of Patronage

    Ever been troubled by Jesus’ parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16:1-8? Jayson Georges says it makes sense if we understand the patronage culture in which Jesus was... Read more
  • The Best Laid Plans image

    The Best Laid Plans

    As well as helpfully reminding us of the deadliness of death and our Christian mission to point people to life in Christ, CV19 is a wakeup call to the flimsiness of our... Read more
  • Running Towards the Plague image

    Running Towards the Plague

    Death is killing us. It has a one hundred per cent mortality rate. Read more
  • Communion and Corona image

    Communion and Corona

    The Lord’s Supper, that great symbol of Christian unity, has long caused contention. We may not be fighting tooth and nail over transubstantiation, consubstantiation... Read more
  • Seen to be Unseen image

    Seen to be Unseen

    What to do with Christ’s apparently contradictory instructions: “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in... Read more
  • Who’s Afear’d image

    Who’s Afear’d

    Were I ever to get a tattoo (which is unlikely) I would probably choose the coat of arms of Dorset: it’s pretty cool, with its lions and dragons. I like it. Read more
  • Responding to Trans Questions image

    Responding to Trans Questions

    What’s your response when someone tells you their daughter is now a boy? Read more
  • Where is Your Affection? image

    Where is Your Affection?

    OK, you’ve had a couple of days to recover from Andrew’s Books of the Year list and the annual sense of shock, disbelief, or inadequacy that overcame you at his... Read more
  • Evangelism as Exiles image

    Evangelism as Exiles

    Andrew’s much anticipated annual review of books is just a post or two around the corner. If I were to compose a similar list, Elliot Clark’s Evangelism as Exiles... Read more
  • Praying for the Election image

    Praying for the Election

    It is a truism that the healthier and more pain-free a society is the more fear and anxiety there seems to be in that society about health and pain. Read more