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  • Keir’s Tears image

    Keir’s Tears

    Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, has offered an ‘apology’ for visiting the Jesus House – one of London’s largest and most influential churches, and one... Read more
  • The Great Pastoral Challenge of 2021 image

    The Great Pastoral Challenge of 2021

    It is not only right-wing Brexiteers and Liberal Democrats (as Andrew, in his impish way, suggested yesterday) who have concerns about the erosion of basic freedoms over... Read more
  • But he wanted to justify himself image

    But he wanted to justify himself

    The parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) is perhaps the best known of all the stories Jesus told. The moral lesson of the person who seemed least likely to show... Read more
  • Making Abuse Impossible image

    Making Abuse Impossible

    How is that abuse happens in the church? Read more
  • Not A Trophy, A Gift image

    Not A Trophy, A Gift

    After three chapters describing and extolling the personal and cosmic implications of the work of Christ, the first instruction given in the letter to the Ephesians is... Read more
  • Bitesize Bavinck image

    Bitesize Bavinck

    It was one of those strange coincidences that I should post about Herman Bavinck last Friday and then Andrew did the same on Monday. This was entirely unplanned and I... Read more
  • Our Prophetic Paradigm image

    Our Prophetic Paradigm

    We are living in a time that is defined by division, argument, and irreconcilable opinions. This is seen in our political debates (Trump, Brexit) and the extraordinary... Read more
  • Scripture, Science, and the Enigma of Man image

    Scripture, Science, and the Enigma of Man

    Here's a beautiful, pithy, summary of how Scripture explains anthropology in a way science cannot. Read more
  • Thus Spake Pastor Lockdown image

    Thus Spake Pastor Lockdown

    Jonny ('Pastor Lockdown') Mellor’s post yesterday was terrific. It is always good to look for and celebrate the positive, and like him I have many encouraging stories... Read more
  • A Very Curious Thing image

    A Very Curious Thing

    Reports of the impact of lockdown on the mental health of children and young people abound; but our societal attitudes towards children are strangely ambivalent with or... Read more