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  • Corona & Creativity image

    Corona & Creativity

    One of the upsides of lockdown is that it has stimulated creative thinking and action: decorating, gardening, baking, tinkering, crafting... There's a lot of it going on. Read more
  • More Cameras (perhaps), More Lights (probably), More Action (definitely!) image

    More Cameras (perhaps), More Lights (probably), More Action...

    Glen Scrivener's tips on how to shoot to camera have been helpful to me as we are having to do more things online at the moment. Now PJ Smyth has put together two short... Read more
  • Are We Standing on the Precipice? image

    Are We Standing on the Precipice?

    Serendipity? Luck? A cosmic warning? The timing of Toby Ord’s book, The Precipice: Existential risk and the future of humanity, could be seen as all those things.... Read more
  • The Things We Are Learning image

    The Things We Are Learning

    Three weeks in (I think it’s three weeks but am losing track of the days): how are you doing with lockdown? There are things we’re learning through this. Here are... Read more
  • Face to Face image

    Face to Face

    How much are we going to come to regret the phrase ‘social distancing’? Read more
  • Camera, Lights, Action image

    Camera, Lights, Action

    Many of us are having to learn fast how to speak to camera. In this extremely helpful video Glen Scrivener offers some tips. Read more
  • Wendell Was Right image

    Wendell Was Right

    I wonder how the Amish are coping with the coronavirus? Read more
  • Dark Clouds & Silver Linings image

    Dark Clouds & Silver Linings

    One of the most precious moments I’ve experienced in the past few days was catching up with my eldership team online and talking about the areas where we are... Read more
  • To The Elders image

    To The Elders

    Many people read this blog, but this post is especially for those who are elders in their churches. If you are an elder, your calling will be brought into crystal... Read more
  • Covid-19 and Being a Community Initiator image

    Covid-19 and Being a Community Initiator

    While at the moment the threats, known and unknown, posed by coronavirus are fairly overwhelming, this is also a time of real opportunity. Read more