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  • Plastic Righteousness image

    Plastic Righteousness

    On Monday evening I put our carefully sorted recycling out for collection, came back in, put on the TV and found myself watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest... Read more
  • Where Have All the Atheists Gone? image

    Where Have All the Atheists Gone?

    You’ve got to feel sorry for atheists. They are such a beleaguered minority, and it is such a difficult position to hold with consistency. Read more
  • Basic Instincts, Changing Habits image

    Basic Instincts, Changing Habits

    One of the characteristics of our era is to judge the past by the standards of the present: this has been especially the case in the verdicts – legal and social –... Read more
  • Pushing our Luck image

    Pushing our Luck

    We (well, Andrew) have not been very good at political predictions on Think, but here goes. As the 'probably' has now become 'certainly' and two weeks today the UK will... Read more
  • A Book to Read and Give Away image

    A Book to Read and Give Away

    The questions non-believers ask of Christianity tend to be predictable and repeated: what about suffering? what about science? what about sex? The way in which those... Read more
  • The Gift of Procreation image

    The Gift of Procreation

    Last Saturday I took a two-hour Q&A session on ethics at a local training event: ask whatever you like and I’ll try and take a swing at it. Predictably, questions... Read more
  • Why We Need Philosophers image

    Why We Need Philosophers

    Today there are local elections in much of the UK and in three weeks’ time we will again (probably) go to the polls to vote in the European elections. We haven’t... Read more
  • More than a Metaphor image

    More than a Metaphor

    It is not difficult to find metaphor in the burning of Notre Dame. Read more
  • Resistance Is Not Futile image

    Resistance Is Not Futile

    I got back from a trip to the US today and as I waited to be allowed off the plane scrolled through the BBC news feed. Just behind the arrest of Julian Assange and the... Read more
  • 25 Years of Grace image

    25 Years of Grace

    Yesterday Mrs Hosier & I celebrated being married for 25 years. April 2nd 1994 was a typically British Easter Saturday, in which we seemed to have all the seasons thrown... Read more