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  • Is the Bible a Story? image

    Is the Bible a Story?

    The Bible is a story. I’m sure many of us have said this; many of us will even have taught it. It’s a story which runs from Genesis to Revelation, from Creation to the...

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  • Embracing Our Intellectual Limitations image

    Embracing Our Intellectual Limitations

    A few months ago I saw someone post a clip from The Office US on Twitter. Rarely has anything ever resonated with me so deeply! In the clip, one character asks another...

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  • The Book On Singleness That Everyone Should Read image

    The Book On Singleness That Everyone Should Read

    The past decade has seen the publication of lots of great books on sexuality, and yet good books on singleness have remained few and far between. (Interestingly almost... Read more
  • The Joy of the Father image

    The Joy of the Father

    There was a buzz of excitement yesterday as the birth of baby Sussex, the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, was announced. As I watched the news coverage, I...

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  • Becoming Ecclesiologically Attractive image

    Becoming Ecclesiologically Attractive

    Many of us are aware, and deeply concerned, about the lack of young people in our churches. While there are no doubt churches who buck the trend, in general, the UK...

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  • AI: It’s Time to Start Thinking image

    AI: It’s Time to Start Thinking

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic at the moment. Many of us are already interacting with AI every day, even if we are not really aware of it. AI is used in Sat... Read more
  • Love Thy Body image

    Love Thy Body

    It’s hard to deny that there has been a huge shift in secular morality over the past half a century or so. You don't have to think for long to come up with some... Read more
  • Handling Statistics image

    Handling Statistics

    Statistics can be really useful. For those of us who like to wrestle with cultural issues, they can be a great way of getting a gauge for what’s going on around us.... Read more
  • The Gift of Sleep image

    The Gift of Sleep

    I love sleep! Apparently, today is World Sleep Day, so it seems an appropriate opportunity to celebrate the gift of sleep.

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  • Dualism at Death image

    Dualism at Death

    ‘Transhumanists of the world unite – we have immortality to gain and only biology to lose.’ These are the words of Nikola Danaylov in his Transhumanist Manifesto,... Read more