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  • Film Review: Spotlight image

    Film Review: Spotlight

    Cinema, at its best, is a medium that reveals emotional truth. In the case of Spotlight, when you see a victim of clerical abuse break down in tears, when the extent of... Read more
  • Film Review of the Year 2015 image

    Film Review of the Year 2015

    As with last year, I’ve not really compiled a traditional top ten, as such. Instead, this is a collection of the films I’ve rated most highly over the course of... Read more
  • Film Review: Steve Jobs image

    Film Review: Steve Jobs

    Here's a quick lesson taken from the Screenwriting 101textbook.

    “If you are portraying a man best known for creating something, especially technology, compare him...
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  • ‘Captive’ and the Christian Film Industry image

    ‘Captive’ and the Christian Film Industry

    Last Sunday I was on the radio talking about the new film Captive, the 'inspirational' true story about a drug addict who gets taken hostage by a mass murderer, only for... Read more
  • This Summer at the Movies image

    This Summer at the Movies

    Another summer of blockbusters has been and gone, so it's time to do a bit of damage assessment. The BIG MOVIES season is drawing to a close, then there will be a lull... Read more
  • Film Review: Song of the Sea image

    Film Review: Song of the Sea

    I haven't posted many film reviews on Think for a while, due to a combination of having a lot on and not having many films to talk about that make me think about faith... Read more
  • Film Review: Cinderella image

    Film Review: Cinderella

    Amongst my favourite films of last year, I listed some fairly heavyweight films such as Leviathan, a weighty treatise on the church and state in Putin's Russia, and 12... Read more
  • The Oscars, And What To Do About Them image

    The Oscars, And What To Do About Them

    Last week I wrote a glowing review of Selma, a film that everyone was expecting to get a lot of awards attention. As it turned out, when the Oscar nominations came... Read more
  • Film Review: Selma image

    Film Review: Selma

    Selma contains two things that often compromise a good story: an important message and a well known true story. Biopics and polemics equally detract from compelling... Read more
  • The Year in Movies image

    The Year in Movies

    Instead of doing a standard Top 10 of the year, I thought I’d break down the films I’ve enjoyed into categories of why I’ve enjoyed them. This is largely because... Read more