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  • Rapture-proof your ministry

    I trust by now you have heard that May 21st 2011 is judgment day? Perhaps you read about it online, or had some overzealous prophet bring a spontaneous warning during a... Read more
  • Let’s get Jerusalem to Number One image

    Let’s get Jerusalem to Number One

    We are, my Christian friends, engaged in a battle, and it is time for us to make a stand! Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and... Read more
  • Croissant says ‘No to AV!’ image

    Croissant says ‘No to AV!’

    Plans for a Conservative-Liberal Gospel Coalition have suffered a serious setback, as theologians lock horns over Alternative Voting. Read more
  • Papalgate: Veg and the Vatican image

    Papalgate: Veg and the Vatican

    Whether it’s a comment about a bigoted woman, or an insult about female referees, the ‘microphone gaffe’ has been the Achilles heel of many a politician or... Read more
  • The Otter Brotherhood image

    The Otter Brotherhood

    Christian cobbler seeks to revive spirituality through new range of shoes. Read more