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  • Glossolalia-mania image


    I consider myself something of a polyglot. I speak a reasonable number of languages: five human, one mammal, and even on occasions the tongues of angels! I’m not... Read more
  • Twelve More Theological Hopes for 2016 image

    Twelve More Theological Hopes for 2016

    Tis the season of nostalgia posts. Reviews of the year. Best-ofs. People evangelising about the top five books they read in the past twelve months (more often than not,... Read more
  • Double or Quits: A Guide to Honorariums image

    Double or Quits: A Guide to Honorariums

    Just the other day, Andrew J. Wilson twittered the following conundrum: Read more
  • It’s Just Not Quidditch! image

    It’s Just Not Quidditch!

    Over the years it has been a privilege to host, run and be the general brainchild behind Think Theology. I have always felt it important to use my considerable wisdom... Read more
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    Biblimatic Theology

    Having endured for years Andrew and Matt's squabbling about the priority of Biblical or Systematic theology, I decided to do something about it. So I hereby announce... Read more
  • Reductio ad Abspheredom image

    Reductio ad Abspheredom

    Well, this new site is shiny isn’t it? I can’t take all the credit for it myself, though I do deserve a significant portion of your praise, since I’ve been project... Read more
  • ChurchCuterie: The Art of Pragmatic Ecclesiology image

    ChurchCuterie: The Art of Pragmatic Ecclesiology

    In a classic episode of The West Wing, Chief of Staff Leo McGarry declares: “There are two things in this world you never want to let people see how you make ‘em –... Read more
  • AJW and the BMI of PFG by NTW image

    AJW and the BMI of PFG by NTW

    Once again the prolific A.J. Wilson has demonstrated his astonishing ability to speed-read, producing a review of Wright’s latest epic, Paul and the Faithfulness of... Read more
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    Chat-show Chaplaincy

    The recent revelation that Oprah Winfrey has put Rob Bell on her Spiritual A-Team has caused me to ponder anew the spiritual state of prime time TV. Read more
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    Waiting Here For Hugh

    I encountered a puzzling song recently. Melodic, dynamic, even beautiful - from a musical point of view, a bit of a modern classic - but from a lyrical point of view,... Read more