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    It has been several months since my last post, and I’m sure many of you have feared the worst. But fret not! I have not died and been taxidermied; I am alive and well... Read more
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    Taking Comfort From Theresa

    Sometimes I think I am surrounded by imbeciles. Despite my best efforts, constant complaining and hectoring, the ‘serving’ teams at Ring of Bright Water seem... Read more
  • This Is Not The Theologian You Are Looking For image

    This Is Not The Theologian You Are Looking For

    An ill-advised post by a prominent theologian has sparked an online debate over the label of ‘heresy’ and how we ought to judge the boundaries of orthodoxy. Read more
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    One of my many theological goals for 2017 is to finish a draft of the following book, Eukarysmatic (Ring of Bright Water, 2018). This book, and in fact this title, are... Read more
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    The Trumping of Andrew

    It really is not in my nature to say "I told you so" - as I am generally right about everything there is very little point in my drawing attention to the fact. But I... Read more
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    Newfrontiers Checks Out

    I have just returned from the Newfrontiers Global Conference in a secret Middle Eastern location, where apostles and their teams from all around the world gathered to... Read more
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    Add hominin, ad hominem?

    I did not attend last weeks Think conference on Genesis, engaged as I am in actual pastoral work with my flock – a task too important to take time off on 3-day long... Read more
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    Blogging in an Age of Crayons

    Apparently half of the top 10 best-selling evangelical books are now adult colouring books. If blogging is to remain a relevant medium in this bizarre age, it must... Read more
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    Taking a Break from Andrew

    Being a Protestant, and having no vices, Lent passes me by each year without much notice. Andrew (despite all my efforts) being a more suspect fellow, is once again... Read more
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    A Smaller Announcement

    Delighted though I am at Andrew's ever expanding media empire I feel his announcement this morning requires clarifying. Read more