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  • Humour In Dialogue image

    Humour In Dialogue

    My atheist friends and acquaintances often employ humour in their dialogue with other worldviews. But I have noticed that this is often not the case for Christians... Read more
  • Atheists and Christians’ Personal Experience image

    Atheists and Christians’ Personal Experience

    I have just started reading some of the books in the ‘A Very Short Introduction’ series published by Oxford University Press. They truly are very interesting and... Read more
  • Is Numbers 5 Unfair to Women? image

    Is Numbers 5 Unfair to Women?

    A friend sent me an email last month asking this question. Unless you have memorised the Old Testament, which most of us haven’t, I think I should explain the problem.... Read more
  • Female Role-Models image

    Female Role-Models

    Andrew Wilson has recently posted some well thought out, and interesting, articles on women in the church; the Complementarian/Egalitarian debate. Being a woman myself,... Read more
  • The Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible: An Observer’s Comments image

    The Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible: An Observer’s...

    I like studying other religions. In the past I have found that I have grown in my understanding of the grace of Christ and the relevance of Biblical ethics when... Read more
  • Should We Regret? image

    Should We Regret?

    I have often been asked what I learnt from my rebellious years in my late teens and early twenties by Christians and non-Christians alike. It often starts a very... Read more
  • Emotional Appeal or Sales Tactics? image

    Emotional Appeal or Sales Tactics?

    I was brought up in a Newfrontiers church, and was 8 years old in the ‘94 move of the Spirit. As such, I became accustomed very early on to exuberant worship and... Read more
  • Serpents and Doves image

    Serpents and Doves

    The William Lane Craig (WLC) Reasonable Faith Tour is drawing to a close. Craig has been visiting different major cities across the UK over the last few weeks, debating... Read more
  • The Tree of Life image

    The Tree of Life

    "Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand." Job 38:4 Read more
  • Knowing Christ in the Dark image

    Knowing Christ in the Dark

    I was giving a public talk in defence of the Christian faith. Having answered the first question without any difficulty, I proceeded to address the second. Suddenly,... Read more