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  • Read this outstanding book image

    Read this outstanding book

    There has been a wealth of writing in recent years from Christians who experience same-sex attraction but are convinced that God requires them to say “no” to those... Read more
  • “We had hoped…” image

    “We had hoped…”

    So many of us are living with dashed hopes at the moment. Some of my friends had hoped to be going on a dream holiday soon. Others had hoped to be getting married. Many... Read more
  • Why Read the Old Testament? image

    Why Read the Old Testament?

    I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here; you all know how wonderful exciting and necessary the Old Testament is. But I know many people struggle with it, so at our... Read more
  • A Chromatogram, Not A Ladder image

    A Chromatogram, Not A Ladder

    We all know (don't we?) that the leaders in a church are not 'better' than anyone else. They might be held to a higher standard, and have certain criteria they have to... Read more
  • Don’t Skip the Genealogies image

    Don’t Skip the Genealogies

    If you were compiling the New Testament and had been told by God that yes, he really did want all four of the Gospels in there, which one would you have chosen to put... Read more
  • The Courage To Say “Help” image

    The Courage To Say “Help”

    “What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” asked the boy.
    “Help,” said the horse.

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  • Multiplanting – A Review image

    Multiplanting – A Review

    Further to Matt's post last week about multiplying churches, here's a book giving one model of how that can be achieved. If you're convinced by the 'why' and thinking... Read more
  • He Came Walking image

    He Came Walking

    Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible may be old, but boy is it rich! Look at this part that I stumbled upon the other day, on Genesis 3:8: Read more
  • Not Sleeping but Strutting image

    Not Sleeping but Strutting

    At Grace London at the moment we are (slowly) working through Mark’s Gospel. A few weeks ago we came to Mark 4:35-41, in which Jesus calms a storm. As we dug deeper... Read more
  • What Would Zacchaeus Do? image

    What Would Zacchaeus Do?

    It’s not a question that’s often considered, is it? After all, Zacchaeus was a Bad Thing. He stole and cheated, he was a tax collector, a collaborator, and a Very... Read more