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  • Wot, no Ferrari? image

    Wot, no Ferrari?

    In my last post I wrote about rejoicing in the Lord even when your circumstances aren’t perfect, and about the existence of a bigger, wider reality than human eyes can... Read more
  • Yet I Will Rejoice image

    Yet I Will Rejoice

    It was one of those weeks, you know the ones, when you’re busy minding your own business and gradually become aware that Someone’s trying to tell you something. Read more
  • But How Will They Know? image

    But How Will They Know?

    Christians have no right to wear the cross at work, or so the Government is reportedly going to argue when defending itself in a case brought to the European Court of... Read more
  • Under the Spotlight image

    Under the Spotlight

    It was with great glee that Richard Dawkins this week revealed the results of a survey he had commissioned into ‘Census Christians’ – those who self-identify on... Read more
  • Landmark Ruling on Religious Liberty image

    Landmark Ruling on Religious Liberty

    When conflicting Human Rights collide, which should take precedence? This is one of the most fraught and pressing questions in the West today, and employment law is one... Read more
  • A Symbol Requiring a Response image

    A Symbol Requiring a Response

    I’m ashamed to admit that Remembrance Day has never meant very much to me. In part this is because it falls on my birthday, so the date is linked in my mind more with... Read more