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  • Bodies of Evidence image

    Bodies of Evidence

    At the risk of making it seem like all of us on this blog have suddenly developed an unhealthy (and frankly un-Christmassy) obsession with death, I wanted to offer a... Read more
  • Q: When is Freedom not Freedom?

    A: When it's in the public square, of course. Read more
  • To Glorify God image

    To Glorify God

    “People no longer want a life lived in respect of external roles, duties or obligations,” Paul Bickley wrote in an article for Theos earlier this year. Read more
  • The Humility of the Hereditary Principle image

    The Humility of the Hereditary Principle

    I’m currently reading Andrew Marr’s Diamond Queen, one of the many biographies of Her Majesty published in this, her Jubilee year. Read more
  • On Making Your Own Mistakes image

    On Making Your Own Mistakes

    Evangelists make it sound so easy, don’t they? All that is needed in conversation with an unbeliever, they sometimes imply, is to bring them to a point of... Read more
  • Trust in God image

    Trust in God

    That’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Trust in God – how do we do that, especially in the darker times when the temptation to doubt his goodness is strongest? Read more
  • Daddy, My Daddy! image

    Daddy, My Daddy!

    If you spend enough Sundays in evangelical churches, sooner or later you’ll hear it said that the reason Paul didn’t translate ‘Abba’ from the Aramaic when... Read more
  • One Too Many image

    One Too Many

    Medical science is making incredible advances. Disease after disease is being eradicated or at least rendered curable, and as our Paralympians have indisputably... Read more
  • Just Passing Through image

    Just Passing Through

    “Where do you stay?” If you know any South Africans, you’re likely familiar with this question. It’s the form of words they use to ask where your home is, and it... Read more
  • O Thou Who Changest Not image

    O Thou Who Changest Not

    Did you watch that? Last night, the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Did you watch? Read more