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  • Doing What’s Right, Right image

    Doing What’s Right, Right

    Early in 2009 Abby Johnson was named Planned Parenthood's employee of the year for 2008. By September that year she had quit her job and moved to 'the other side of the... Read more
  • When Wilson Met Bell image

    When Wilson Met Bell

    Last week, Andrew Wilson and Rob Bell were invited to Premier Radio for a debate about Rob's latest book What We Talk About When We Talk About God. Read more
  • No April Fool image

    No April Fool

    I am not a fan of April Fools' jokes. In fact, stronger than that - I despise the style of 'humour' which goes to great lengths to convince people of an unlikely fact... Read more
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    Galileo V

    In one of my favourite episodes of The West Wing, President Bartlett is preparing to make a broadcast about the latest probe the US has sent to Mars, Galileo V. Read more
  • On Pots and Kettles image

    On Pots and Kettles

    Probably the most tweeted article in my twitter timeline last week was that of Tom Wright writing in The Guardian under the headline: ‘The church may be hypocritical... Read more
  • Misspelling Faith image

    Misspelling Faith

    ‘Faith,’ you’ll often hear it said, ‘is spelled R-I-S-K’. Beyond the obvious linguistic point that it isn’t spelled like that at all, however, is a deeper... Read more
  • Did Jesus Lie to the Canaanite Woman? image

    Did Jesus Lie to the Canaanite Woman?

    Although most of the words out of Jesus’ mouth surprised and confused his listeners when they were first spoken, I’ve heard and read them so many times now that I... Read more
  • A More Merciful World image

    A More Merciful World

    The other morning I read two articles talking about grace and the law. One was focussed on parenting, the other was a thematic review of the musical, recently remade on... Read more
  • The Art of Neighbouring image

    The Art of Neighbouring

    A little late to the party, perhaps, but I think it's my turn for a book review. It took me a while to think of an outstanding book from 2012: I didn't read Spufford... Read more
  • Joy to the World? image

    Joy to the World?

    Ah, Christmas, that time of the year when our propensity to create and perpetuate traditions is most strongly manifested. We buy and eat the same food, watch the same... Read more