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  • One Too Many image

    One Too Many

    Medical science is making incredible advances. Disease after disease is being eradicated or at least rendered curable, and as our Paralympians have indisputably... Read more
  • Just Passing Through image

    Just Passing Through

    “Where do you stay?” If you know any South Africans, you’re likely familiar with this question. It’s the form of words they use to ask where your home is, and it... Read more
  • O Thou Who Changest Not image

    O Thou Who Changest Not

    Did you watch that? Last night, the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Did you watch? Read more
  • Assumptions and Presumptions image

    Assumptions and Presumptions

    Let’s imagine a time when a drug has been developed that vaccinates against lung cancers caused by smoking. If administered a few years before the subject takes up... Read more
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    Too Much Information

    Whatever you think of the possibility of building or sustaining genuine friendships via social media – and Matthew Hosier shared his perspective on this blog recently... Read more
  • It’s The Way You Tell ‘em image

    It’s The Way You Tell ‘em

    Andrew Wilson’s new book, If God, Then What? begins with a discussion of the characteristics of fundamentalists, informed by Andrew’s observations of himself as a... Read more
  • The Full Riches of Complete Understanding image

    The Full Riches of Complete Understanding

    Last week I wrote about what I called The ‘Like Little Children’ Conundrum – the tension between being called to come to God like little children and the urging we... Read more
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    Series: TULIP

    The recent THINK Conference sparked a discussion on the doctrine of Limited Atonement which turned into a series of posts by Matthew Hosier and Andrew Wilson. Read more
  • The ‘Like Little Children’ Conundrum image

    The ‘Like Little Children’ Conundrum

    I have always been a fairly capable sort of person, the kind teachers love because they can give you a worksheet or set of instructions and leave you to beaver away... Read more
  • Thinking That Matters

    On the morning of last week’s THINK conference our satirical blogger, Saint Stuffed Shirt, tweeted: “Gathering with Calvinists today to consider ‘Is Calvinism... Read more