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  • Fit for Purpose image

    Fit for Purpose

    You probably can’t tell from reading this, but I’m quite short, and it used to really bother me. Read more
  • This Isn’t The Mountain Top You Were Looking For image

    This Isn’t The Mountain Top You Were Looking For

    It struck me in church on Sunday, standing 2 metres away from my friends, humming into my face mask, that this what what you might call a mountain-top experience. Read more
  • When Sacrifice Is No Hardship image

    When Sacrifice Is No Hardship

    What would cause the widow in Mark 12 to give everything she had to live on into an offering box at the temple?

    What would cause fishermen like Peter, James and John to...
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  • Body (Re)building image

    Body (Re)building

    ‘And [Jesus] took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of... Read more
  • Identifying Our Ingrained Idolatry image

    Identifying Our Ingrained Idolatry

    Imagine a city – let’s say London – with no theatres, no museums, no boutiques. It doesn’t take much at the moment – it’s the city I’ve been living in for... Read more
  • Rediscovering Martha image

    Rediscovering Martha

    Martha has a pretty bad reputation in women's Bible studies. Not as bad as Jezebel, maybe, but we all know she's the sister who gets it wrong, the one who is so busy... Read more
  • How Should We Respond to Injustice and Incompetence? image

    How Should We Respond to Injustice and Incompetence?

    I was planning to write this post early in the UK’s lockdown, assuming that we would see many situations where leaders made poor choices and were criticised and moaned... Read more
  • A Thousand Generations image

    A Thousand Generations

    The other day I was musing on my spiritual heritage, and thanking God for all the people he used to bring my parents to faith in him. On Dad’s side it stretches back... Read more
  • Read this outstanding book image

    Read this outstanding book

    There has been a wealth of writing in recent years from Christians who experience same-sex attraction but are convinced that God requires them to say “no” to those... Read more
  • “We had hoped…” image

    “We had hoped…”

    So many of us are living with dashed hopes at the moment. Some of my friends had hoped to be going on a dream holiday soon. Others had hoped to be getting married. Many... Read more