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  • An Ugly Posture image

    An Ugly Posture

    Sainsbury’s recently accidently put a poster designed to motivate their staff to get customers to spend 50p extra on each shop in their window. Read more
  • No God In Heaven Unlike Jesus image

    No God In Heaven Unlike Jesus

    There once was a day when it was dangerous to believe in Trinity. Read more
  • Ambiguous Truth for the Perhaps of Life image

    Ambiguous Truth for the Perhaps of Life

    Proverbs are great. They're short, memorable and often appear in groups and parallels. They’re about shaping the heart – what will you love? What will ensnare you?1... Read more
  • Avoiding Trinity image

    Avoiding Trinity

    I remember being told not to start sharing Jesus with a Muslim from John’s gospel, because John begins heavy on the Trinity. And we surely we want to find common... Read more
  • Guilt-free Bible Reading image

    Guilt-free Bible Reading

    Why are we scared of the very book that defines everything we believe? Why is the Old Testament a closed book to so many of us? Why is the 'what about the God of the Old... Read more
  • Inspire a Generation? image

    Inspire a Generation?

    Over the course of an hour on Super Saturday evening we won three Olympic gold medals. Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah did us proud. The stage was set for... Read more
  • I Am Jesus? image

    I Am Jesus?

    It seems not many people are watching as ITV try to find someone to become Jesus.1 Read more
  • Blessed Are Those Who Behave?

    When things are going well that means God approves of what I’m doing, doesn’t it? He’s blessing me which means I’m going in the right way. And then someone says: Read more
  • Religion For Atheists image

    Religion For Atheists

    Alain de Botton is a crisp communicator with an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. He loves art and pleads for happier architecture in his Channel 4 series. Read more
  • The not so Puritanical Puritans image

    The not so Puritanical Puritans

    If the Puritans are as warm-hearted as the picture painted by the preaching of Jeremiah Burroughs, why such a bad reputation for being mean-spirited and miserly? Read more