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  • Hart on Hitchens

    David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox thinker, a contributor to the Catholic journal First Things, and (in my opinion) something of a genius. Read more
  • What I missed in the Justification Debate image

    What I missed in the Justification Debate

    I’ve been following the Wright/Piper justification debate for about two years now, and I’ve only just realised what it’s about. Read more
  • The Problem of Knowing image

    The Problem of Knowing

    Have you ever wondered if your dreams were the real world, and the real world was just a very vivid dream? When I was a kid, I sometimes used to pinch myself in normal... Read more
  • Growing Out of the New Atheism image

    Growing Out of the New Atheism

    One of the more remarkable things about the ‘new atheism’ – the fundamentalist, aggressive variety that has sprung up in the last five years, spearheaded by the... Read more
  • Joe Carter: Do Tummy Aches Disprove God?

    A superb piece from Joe Carter for First Things on evil and the existence of God: Read more
  • Beware of the Answer

    A profound one-liner from the anabaptist theologian Stanley Hauerwas, in his new book Hannah's Child: A Theologian's Memoir: Read more
  • Is God A Monster? image

    Is God A Monster?

    It is becoming increasingly commonplace, even fashionable, for atheists and sceptics to argue against Christian belief on the basis that the Old Testament God is... Read more
  • Ten Lessons From Great Christians image

    Ten Lessons From Great Christians

    Jim Spiegel has a really helpful piece here, on ten lessons we can learn from great Christian thinkers. The highlights are: Read more
  • Two Things to Learn from Richard Herring image

    Two Things to Learn from Richard Herring

    The week before Christmas, The Times featured an article by the comedian Richard Herring that contained an interesting couple of insights. Defending his irreligious new... Read more
  • Mission, Decisions and Disciples image

    Mission, Decisions and Disciples

    Some profound thoughts here from Kevin DeYoung on the phrase “church is not for you.” They may well be encouraging to those of us who work in children’s work,... Read more