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  • Hebrews Revisited

    You might be interested to know that my first peer-reviewed journal article has just come out, in Tyndale Bulletin 62.2 (2011), on the warnings in Hebrews. Some will... Read more
  • Just War? image

    Just War?

    It has fallen to me to provide some concluding reflections to the just war/pacifism debate, which Liam and Matt have articulated so well over the last couple of weeks. Read more
  • The Evangelical Rejection of Reason image

    The Evangelical Rejection of Reason

    The New York Times recently published an article by Karl Giberson and Randall Stephens, entitled "The Evangelical Rejection of Reason", which in my opinion was both... Read more
  • Kierkegaard on Obedience and Grace image

    Kierkegaard on Obedience and Grace

    Theologians have often spoken of righteousness as Gabe and Aufgabe, or ‘gift and responsibility’. The idea is that our obedience to God, our righteous living, is... Read more
  • Mutual Submission? image

    Mutual Submission?

    Ephesians 5:21-33 is good for your soul. It holds up a cross-shaped view of marriage that is profoundly challenging as well as being wonderfully uplifting. But it has... Read more
  • What’s wrong with Slavery? image

    What’s wrong with Slavery?

    What's wrong with slavery? This isn’t a rhetorical question, as in, "there's nothing wrong with slavery, is there?" It's a real question: in what ways, specifically,... Read more
  • Did Matthew Misquote Jeremiah? image

    Did Matthew Misquote Jeremiah?

    The pedantic ones among us tend to worry when we find the New Testament writers sourcing things to one prophet when they were actually uttered by another one. Like... Read more
  • The Theodicy Odyssey image

    The Theodicy Odyssey

    Mike Bird, over at Euangelion, suggests that the demand for a watertight theodicy in response to the problem of evil is logically incoherent. It’s not the first time... Read more
  • Five Views On Justification image

    Five Views On Justification

    Those who have been following the justification debate, as well as those who have been somewhat bamboozled by what exactly everyone is disagreeing about - I still think... Read more
  • Seven Point Armalvinism image

    Seven Point Armalvinism

    Last week, I made reference to the fact that I don’t like using the labels ‘Calvinist’ or ‘Arminian’ because I agree with three and a half of the Calvinist... Read more