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  • A God of Violence? image

    A God of Violence?

    The God of the Old Testament is something of an apologetic liability these days. The ‘vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser’ of whom Richard Dawkins spoke so... Read more
  • My Kind of Literary Criticism

    Attributed to David Mamet: Read more
  • The missional muddle image

    The missional muddle

    When new buzzwords enter the vernacular, there are two things that have the potential to cause confusion. The first is that the new piece of jargon is mystifying to... Read more
  • Not enough evidence image

    Not enough evidence

    There's a fascinating piece in this week's New Statesman about the reasons leading atheists don't believe in God. Apparently, it all comes down to a lack of evidence: Read more
  • How do you fear your Father? image

    How do you fear your Father?

    How on earth are we supposed to fear our heavenly Father? For some of us, because of our own experience of authority figures, “the fear of God” suggests cowering in... Read more
  • The Wright-Piper Debate: Resolved by the KJV? image

    The Wright-Piper Debate: Resolved by the KJV?

    Prepare for the worst bit of theological namedropping you’ve ever seen: I was just talking to Tom Wright (there it is; I’ve been fighting a losing battle against... Read more
  • Hollyoaks and the holocaust image

    Hollyoaks and the holocaust

    The mood at the end of Atheist Delusions, which I’ve been blogging through for the last couple of months, is somewhat melancholic. David Bentley Hart has given an... Read more
  • When Christianity Changed the World image

    When Christianity Changed the World

    ‘Christianity was, quite unambiguously, a cosmic sedition.’ So maintains David Bentley Hart in part III of his book Atheist Delusions, which is a rollercoaster ride... Read more
  • Witches and Westphalia image

    Witches and Westphalia

    The arrogant story of modernism, argues David Bentley Hart in his book Atheist Delusions, is based on several distortions: that medieval people were captive to dogma... Read more
  • The Irrelevant Singer? image

    The Irrelevant Singer?

    Peter Singer, whether we regard him as a brilliant popular philosopher (who else can make Hegel comprehensible?), or a notoriously odious ethicist (who else believes... Read more