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  • Witches and Westphalia image

    Witches and Westphalia

    The arrogant story of modernism, argues David Bentley Hart in his book Atheist Delusions, is based on several distortions: that medieval people were captive to dogma... Read more
  • The Irrelevant Singer? image

    The Irrelevant Singer?

    Peter Singer, whether we regard him as a brilliant popular philosopher (who else can make Hegel comprehensible?), or a notoriously odious ethicist (who else believes... Read more
  • Eppur Si Muove image

    Eppur Si Muove

    Galileo Galilei, as we all know, had his books banned for telling the truth. He represented a shining light of knowledge which the Church tried to hide for centuries,... Read more
  • One Takes It There Will Not Be A Theology Department image

    One Takes It There Will Not Be A Theology Department

    Terry Eagleton is rather cheesed off by A. C. Grayling’s new private university. There are several reasons for this, mostly to do with elitism, expense (£18,000 a... Read more
  • Rather Silly, But No Sillier image

    Rather Silly, But No Sillier

    The story of modernity, says David Bentley Hart at the beginning of part II of his outstanding book Atheist Delusions, goes something like this. Read more
  • Left, Thinking He’s Right image

    Left, Thinking He’s Right

    I’m a leftie. You’ve heard it said that if you’re right-wing and under 40 you don’t have a heart, and if you’re left-wing and over 40 you don’t have a head?... Read more
  • Would Bartlet kill Laden? image

    Would Bartlet kill Laden?

    It's been interesting observing the theological exchanges about the death of Bin Laden in the last few days. George Weigel came out in First Things and responded to the... Read more
  • Chan, Bell & Hell image

    Chan, Bell & Hell

    Francis Chan never mentions Rob Bell by name in the nine minute trailer for his new book, Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity, And The Things We’ve Made Up. I... Read more
  • Hell: The plot thickens image

    Hell: The plot thickens

    Once upon a time, there were two famous pastors named Bob and Frankie... Read more
  • Nihilism, freedom and interior decorating

    There are an awful lot of prejudices masquerading as arguments, David Bentley Hart believes, in the writings of Dennett, Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins and co. The scientific... Read more