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  • A Grand Design image

    A Grand Design

    It’s settled down a bit now, but when Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow first released their book A Grand Design in September, it caused a flurry of news reports... Read more
  • Stanley Fish and the Socio-Political Avatar image

    Stanley Fish and the Socio-Political Avatar

    If the modern, secular liberal state had a Bible, it might be the opinion section of the New York Times. And if it had a high priest, candidates would certainly include... Read more
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    The Ehrman Project

    Bart Ehrman is probably the New Testament scholar you’re most likely to see quoted by atheists. Read more
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    Atheism Lite

    Scott Stephens, on the Religion and Ethics blog for the ABC Network, has a fascinating piece on the faddishness and lightweightness of the ‘New Atheism’. In an... Read more
  • When Richard Dawkins was right image

    When Richard Dawkins was right

    It might seem an odd way to launch, but I can think of no better way to kick off my blog series – a series which will focus on communicating the Christian message in... Read more