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  • Mission, Decisions and Disciples image

    Mission, Decisions and Disciples

    Some profound thoughts here from Kevin DeYoung on the phrase “church is not for you.” They may well be encouraging to those of us who work in children’s work,... Read more
  • A Grand Design image

    A Grand Design

    It’s settled down a bit now, but when Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow first released their book A Grand Design in September, it caused a flurry of news reports... Read more
  • Stanley Fish and the Socio-Political Avatar image

    Stanley Fish and the Socio-Political Avatar

    If the modern, secular liberal state had a Bible, it might be the opinion section of the New York Times. And if it had a high priest, candidates would certainly include... Read more
  • The Ehrman Project image

    The Ehrman Project

    Bart Ehrman is probably the New Testament scholar you’re most likely to see quoted by atheists. Read more
  • Atheism Lite image

    Atheism Lite

    Scott Stephens, on the Religion and Ethics blog for the ABC Network, has a fascinating piece on the faddishness and lightweightness of the ‘New Atheism’. In an... Read more
  • When Richard Dawkins was right image

    When Richard Dawkins was right

    It might seem an odd way to launch, but I can think of no better way to kick off my blog series – a series which will focus on communicating the Christian message in... Read more