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  • Why I am a little bit Reformed at least image

    Why I am a little bit Reformed at least

    (...actually quite a lot come to think of it!) Matt Hosier’s recent paper published on this website “Why we might not be as Reformed as we think we are” was a... Read more
  • What’s RIGHT with Anabaptism?

    In this, my concluding blog on Anabaptism, I thought I would do something to redress the balance. My criticisms of Anabaptism up till now have not been motivated from a... Read more
  • What’s wrong with Anabaptism? (part 3) image

    What’s wrong with Anabaptism? (part 3)

    The establishment and subsequent collapse of the Munsterite “New Jerusalem” in 1534-35 did huge damage to the Anabaptist cause and to Protestantism as a whole. It is... Read more
  • What’s wrong with Anabaptism? (Part 2) image

    What’s wrong with Anabaptism? (Part 2)

    The original Anabaptists were the Zurich radicals. They were, in the very early 1520s, amongst the most enthusiastic admirers of Ulrich Zwingli, the leader of the Zurich... Read more
  • What’s wrong with anabaptism? image

    What’s wrong with anabaptism?

    The Anabaptists - those who practised believers’ baptism at the time of the Reformation - were hated, feared and persecuted by pretty much every quarter of... Read more
  • Balkan Adventures image

    Balkan Adventures

    I heard recently of a discussion in the eldership of a Newfrontiers church in one member of the team argued against any direct involvement of his church in international... Read more
  • Covenanters - Scottish heroes! image

    Covenanters - Scottish heroes!

    Like most English people, I am not particularly well informed of the significant national differences within the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.... Read more
  • Biblical origins image

    Biblical origins

    This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. As a result there is quite a lot of interest in the media on both sides of the Atlantic... Read more
  • Visit to Israel image

    Visit to Israel

    It’s not every day that Newfrontiers pastors get talked around by Christian Zionists, but that’s what happened to me last month. I was visiting Israel for a week or... Read more
  • The Gospel & Technology image

    The Gospel & Technology

    What do Roman roads, the printing press and the internet all have in common? The answer to the question is actually not too difficult to fathom. Each one of these new... Read more