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    Mental in theory

    And so we reach the end. Ten participants, seven blog posts; a six month series containing three evening meetings. This final post looks at mental effectiveness - the... Read more
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    Mental in practice

    The next (and final) post will discuss some of the theory underlying mental effectiveness, as well as some of my own reflections on the series as a whole. But first,... Read more
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    Emotional Effectiveness - In Theory

    At the time of writing, my wife is eight days from the due date of delivering our first child. By the time of posting, apparently I won’t be awake enough to complete... Read more
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    Emotional Effectiveness - In Practice

    I’m loving this project! 10 men and women trying to live in a way that is more physically sustainable and mentally and emotionally effective and reflecting on how this... Read more
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    Physical effectiveness - in theory

    One of the best books I have read in years is The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz1, The book claims to have the power “to profoundly transform... Read more
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    Physical effectiveness - in practice

    Ever been so tired you felt like your body was crashing? Ever been so hungry you shook? Ever felt so numb you reached for the bottle? This is physical ineffectiveness.... Read more
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    Personal effectiveness - Introduction to the series

    I just tried typing “maximize your effectiveness” into Google. (It’s a fairly American phrase so I went with States-side spelling.) Want to know what came up? As... Read more