• Liturgy of the Ordinary image
    Tish Harrison Warren's Liturgy of the Ordinary is wonderful. (To give you an idea: while typing that sentence, a text from Rachel appeared asking me if I could bring my copy home so she could give it away to a friend, and she didn't want to give away her copy.) Essentially, the idea is that we all... Read more
  • The Revealing Conservativism of JK Rowling image
    If creating things is the way by which culture is formed then JK Rowling has been a cultural force. In the 20 years since Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone was published huge numbers of books have been printed and sold, vast sums of money generated, unknown children become globally recognised... Read more
  • What About the Pigs? image
    I remember very clearly John Hosier listing the three theological questions he had been asked most, in forty years of ministry. The first, by a long way, was: Can you lose your salvation? Another mainstay was equally predictable: What happens when you die? The other, however, was of a completely... Read more