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    Point taken

    The other day Andrew posed the question, “Why are church leaders so obsessed with church size?” It is a good question. (Another good question is, “Why do... Read more
  • Presupposing a Thing or Two image

    Presupposing a Thing or Two

    Everyone has presuppositions. Here are a few of mine: God exists; beauty and truth are real; wine is good, coke is bad. Read more
  • Series: Poverty image

    Series: Poverty

    Matthew Hosier and Philip Whittal engage in a debate on poverty, equality and social fairness in this five part series. Read more
  • Apologetics is Boring image

    Apologetics is Boring

    As Monday is my day off, I will often indulge myself by listening to Start the Week on Radio 4. It is often hugely frustrating, and has me shouting at the radio, but it... Read more
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    Funding Equality

    Last week the Socialist favourite in France's presidential election, Francois Hollande, said that top earners should pay 75% of their income in tax: "Above 1m euros... Read more
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    Hair-shirts and iPhones

    Yesterday Phil posed the question, “What is poverty?” To illustrate one of his points, I was walking through town recently with one of my daughters who, as we passed... Read more
  • When a Miracle is Not What You Need image

    When a Miracle is Not What You Need

    At our recent Theology Forum meeting, Mick Taylor led us through a short devotional time in which he demonstrated that miracles are not always good news. When he... Read more
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    A Thorn on the Rose

    Ok, I'm breaking the rules on this one - one rule of this blog being that all material posted here should be box fresh and mint, rather than recycled. However, I... Read more
  • Giles Fraser, Mr Justice Ouseley and Christus Vicarious image

    Giles Fraser, Mr Justice Ouseley and Christus Vicarious

    Last week I spent a couple of days with the Newfrontiers Theology Forum – a team of a dozen or so who are recognized as having some kind of teaching ministry within... Read more
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    Show Me!

    I’ve been enjoying Andrew’s series on the comp/egal debate, and was pleased that in his most recent post he ended up pretty much where I told him he should when he... Read more