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  • City Living image

    City Living

    The New Yorker recently carried an interview with London Mayor and political celebrity Boris Johnson. Boris is a fascinating fellow on many levels – how many other... Read more
  • The Three “S’s” image

    The Three “S’s”

    For many people the path to happiness can be summarized with three S’s: Sun, Surf and Sex. Read more
  • Dubious Discipleship Dichotomies

    A friend of mine was attending a conference about ‘missional communities’ and while there tweeted, “We spend 2 days preparing a sermon that no one remembers 3... Read more
  • Questions About Multisite image

    Questions About Multisite

    Andrew's post about his concerns over multisite very much chimed with me - and that despite the fact that while I do not lead a multisite church I am planning to lead my... Read more
  • Spare Me the Flowers and Hold the Fish image

    Spare Me the Flowers and Hold the Fish

    I wanted to respond to Andrew’s response to my post about Limited Atonement, but have been somewhat cautious about doing so. When we discuss the atonement we are... Read more
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    Spider Webs and Pearls

    Do you ever wish you were more creative? Read more
  • Flower-Free Five Point Calvinism image

    Flower-Free Five Point Calvinism

    Giving last week's THINK conference the title, “Is Calvinism Incoherent?” might have been expected to produce a rather binary response of either “Yes” or... Read more
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    Plain Speaking

    Carl Trueman’s posts on the Reformation21 blog are eagerly anticipated by some of us who post here at WYTM. His theology and emphases do not correspond exactly with... Read more
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    The other day I was having dinner with some other pastors and the conversation worked around to the ubiquity of electronic communication and entertainment. One of my... Read more
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    Leading to What?

    Andrew’s fascinating post about Doug Campbell’s reading of Romans made the aside that Duke Divinity School (rather than Harvard) “is probably the world’s... Read more