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    What is the appeal of Donald Trump to millions of American voters? In the best explanation I have seen, Rod Dreher interviews J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy: A... Read more
  • How Close Sin Lies image

    How Close Sin Lies

    “Sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.” Read more
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    Supporting Evidence

    Further to Andrew's post from this morning, Peter Leithart offers the following observation: Read more
  • Why I’m (Probably) Voting Leave image

    Why I’m (Probably) Voting Leave

    Like Andrew, I have tried to remain (oops!) neutral during the referendum campaign - and was rather gratified that in yesterdays quick Twitter poll it was a 45/55 split... Read more
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    10 Things I Like About Advance*

    I spent last week at the Advance Global Conference. I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my time, but this was one of the best. Here, in no particular order, are ten... Read more
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    Small Town Jesus

    Over the past couple of decades church planting has moved from being a strange and novel idea to the top of many denominational and movement agendas. Being part of a... Read more
  • Pragmatism, Idealism, and the EU image

    Pragmatism, Idealism, and the EU

    Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Black/White: there are no end of easy ways in which to make a binary categorization of humanity. One such categorization, often overlooked... Read more
  • What Phil Didn’t Tell You About Charles Darwin image

    What Phil Didn’t Tell You About Charles Darwin

    The all-time most viewed post on Think is Phil Moore’s What Your Biology Teacher Didn’t Tell You About Charles Darwin. Read more
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    Selfie Sex

    Even if you didn’t watch all of Andrew’s message on transgender and intersex it’s worth seeing the video he showed at the end of it… Read more
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    Tracking the Transition

    Everywhere one turns transgenderism is on the agenda. I cannot remember my last trans-free day. And this despite the number of transgender people being tiny. (The most... Read more