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  • Incarnation Through Middle-Eastern Eyes image

    Incarnation Through Middle-Eastern Eyes

    Our perspectives of Christmas are hugely shaped by cultural assumptions. For those of us in the West, our traditions are largely a very recent creation, only a century... Read more
  • A Christmas Prayer image

    A Christmas Prayer

    The Christmas edition of The Spectator has a feature on answered prayer, or rather, as the piece is titled, ‘Have you ever had a prayer answered?’ Read more
  • Those Books Won’t Read Themselves image

    Those Books Won’t Read Themselves

    So how many books will you read this year? Read more
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    The other week I did a Q&A at the Christian Union at my daughters’ school. All the normal questions came up: Is there freewill? What about suffering? How about... Read more
  • Teaching and the Local Church image

    Teaching and the Local Church

    Of all the books in the New Testament, 1 Timothy perhaps gives us the fullest picture of what local church leadership is meant to look like. Yes, it was written to... Read more
  • Gay Cakes & the Unkindness of the New Totalitarianism image

    Gay Cakes & the Unkindness of the New Totalitarianism

    In the year 250 an edict was issued that everyone throughout the Empire was required to sacrifice to the Roman gods and the well-being of the Emperor Decius. These... Read more
  • Understanding and Wonder image

    Understanding and Wonder

    Naomi Wolf ends her classic denunciation of porn with an encounter with, “A boy with tousled hair and Bambi eyes” at Northwestern University. Read more
  • 21st Century Circumcision image

    21st Century Circumcision

    The news that Miroslav Volf has been overtaken by a bad case of moral relativism is sad, but perhaps not surprising: we live in an age when such things pass by all too... Read more
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    Coming to America

    On the basis of Andrew’s recommendation I’ve been reading Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind. I flew out to the States last Friday, and finished it on the plane,... Read more
  • Gone to the Dogs image

    Gone to the Dogs

    Before The Daughter went off on her travels we got round to doing some of the things we kept meaning to get round to but hadn’t got round to. One of these was a visit... Read more