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  • Home (almost) Alone image

    Home (almost) Alone

    The past year has been one of middle-aged milestones. We lost our first parent – Grace’s dad dying of cancer a year ago today – and our eldest daughter left home... Read more
  • We Need to Talk About Ed image

    We Need to Talk About Ed

    Last Sunday at Gateway church I started a three-part series on understanding culture. This is material that I would more normally teach on a leadership training course... Read more
  • Meaning Radiohead image

    Meaning Radiohead

    Twenty years ago I used to teach lectures on Generation X. Remember them? Remember when Douglas Coupland was the secular prophet of a new age and ‘the divorce... Read more
  • Coming Down the Mountain image

    Coming Down the Mountain

    “When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the... Read more
  • Faithful & Joyful in the Secular West image

    Faithful & Joyful in the Secular West

    Jonathan Sacks writes, “You can be a minority, living in a country whose religion, culture, and legal system are not your own, and yet sustain your identity, live your... Read more
  • The Shack: Reposted image

    The Shack: Reposted

    Below is a post (lightly edited) that I published on my personal blog in the days before Think. In that post I anticipated the release of a movie of The Shack and as... Read more
  • Standing Firm in the Secular West image

    Standing Firm in the Secular West

    Tim Farron’s decision to stand down as leader of Liberal-Democrats because he was “torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader”... Read more
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    Through the Church

    Dulles Airport, Washington DC.

    Andrew & I are on the same flight back to the UK but we lost each other somewhere in security. I expect he is elsewhere on the concourse...
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  • Finishing Strong (in 146 seconds) image

    Finishing Strong (in 146 seconds)

    Sometimes there's no better metaphor for discipleship than riding a bike... Read more
  • Interpreting the Times: An interview with Brett McCracken image

    Interpreting the Times: An interview with Brett McCracken

    Brett McCracken is one of the most interesting and thoughtful Millennial writers emerging from the USA. Among others, he has written for The Wall Street Journal, The... Read more