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  • 12 Rules: The Review image

    12 Rules: The Review

    Jordan B. Peterson has been much in the news. His courageous stand against the totalitarianism inherent in Bill C-16 (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about)... Read more
  • Small Town, Big Mission image

    Small Town, Big Mission

    Writing in The Times last week Lisa Nandy and Ian Warren highlight the challenges facing small towns in the UK. There is, they say, a "widening gulf" between towns and... Read more
  • Peterson, Driscoll & the Millennial Man image

    Peterson, Driscoll & the Millennial Man

    I was thinking about Mark Driscoll yesterday: not a common occurence. The thought was prompted by listening to Jordan B. Peterson’s lecture on the Call of Abraham.... Read more
  • Swearing, Murder and Sex image

    Swearing, Murder and Sex

    Culture is meant to change slowly. ‘Culture’ is a way of seeing and being that goes largely unspoken and unobserved because it is normal, and societies tend to... Read more
  • Why I Won’t Be Doing Dry January image

    Why I Won’t Be Doing Dry January

    I was searching for a quote and came across it in a post I'd written back in 2011. As January is such a dreary month I thought it worth reposting, if only as a reminder... Read more
  • Capturing Andrew image

    Capturing Andrew

    As part of a planned online theological training resource we are going to be filming Andrew Wilson delivering his biblical theology course, working all the way from... Read more
  • Wilson on 1 Corinthians image

    Wilson on 1 Corinthians

    OK, if you have to buy your own copy eighty quid might seem a bit steep – as well as underlining the somewhat mysterious world of academic monographs in an age of... Read more
  • Remember Who You Are image

    Remember Who You Are

    Do you care what colour your passport is? Read more
  • A Short Book Worth Reading image

    A Short Book Worth Reading

    It would be hard to overstate the significance of Christian biography in the spiritual development of believers – certainly, that’s been true in my case. Reading... Read more
  • Seven Years of Think image

    Seven Years of Think

    It’s that time of year when there a lot of reviews of the year. Looking at the 2017 stats for Think reveals some interesting information: there are few surprises about... Read more